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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Winter break has come to an end, the Little Savages are back to school and I'm off and running to get our lives back in order. However, I find myself on pause, with my mind still wandering around the holidays and daydreaming of the snowy mountains where we spent our vacation. This year we had promised ourselves we would avoid buying all the stuff and give us all the gift of a winter getaway to Vermont.

As our winter break began, we hopped in a car, a train, a plane and yet another car, to begin our adventures to the mountains. The day after Christmas we arrived at our destination. It was sprinkled with snow, our breath clouds in the air and icicles hung all around. The Little Savages were fired up to get out into the snow and up on the mountain. It was go time. The fresh crisp air was fuel to our souls and the mountain was calling.

It's nearly impossible to capture the way it feels to take that deep breath as you're riding the lift, way above the ground to the top of the mountain. To inhale the pure, cold air as your skis hit the snow, spraying a wave as you coast to a stop between trails. Then you hear a cry of pure joy as you watch your little one fly past, gliding on the magic of it all. Chasing those little Savages down the ski mountain had my heart bursting at the seams, in a way that no gift, no box, nothing wrapped, could ever do. It was easy to remember myself growing up skiing with my family, the adventures of trying to follow my big brothers tracks, or tackling the moguls with my parents by my side. With 3 little Savages riding down the mountain, and the 4th not so far behind, I am endlessly thankful to see how it has all truly come full circle.

The Little Savages were unstoppable. Working hard, falling harder, climbing back up and getting in more runs daily than most do in a week! They skied, snowboarded, threw hundreds of snowballs and played on even when cold and wet from the snow. Let's be real, they likely didn't even notice the cold as the endless fun to be had kept them completely warm. It was seconds from the time their little heads hit their pillow each night to when they were fast asleep, then awake at sunrise ready to do it all again. From the littlest to the biggest, these warm weather living Little Savages are officially ski bums.

These moments, this experience, wasn't something that you could wrap in a box and tie with a pretty little bow. The memories with family and friends of days like these are that which they will remember forever. Since last winter, all Lil E has asked for was another trip to the snow, and now that's the constant request we hear from all 4 daily. Sure we've only been back for a few days, but it's quite obvious we all left a little piece of our hearts on that mountain. So together we began 2020 with an experience that held more value, more joy and more love than we could ever tuck beneath the Christmas tree. We are fueled to move forward and to challenge ourselves to truly live each day being present and intentional in our ways. To give love, and make memories so one day the Little Savages may find themselves on pause remembering the magic of these moments.

Until the next time I hide from the Little Savages... XOXO Mama Savage

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