• Michele Savage

Must Do Summer

We've been counting down the days to summer like we're waiting for Christmas. It's finally here!!! The kids are so excited to be done with their school year and are ready to spend our days out in the sun and sand. If you're anything like us, beach days are plentiful, pool days are a must and outdoor time is everything. Yes, it's technically melting weather down here in the south, but when planned well, all will have a blast. It's time to get our kids unplugged and outside! Here we share a few of our must do moments for not just this summer, but every summer.

One of our favorite summer adventures involves planning a trip. We love to spend our time traveling to an area that's different from where we live.

These lands are quiet and peaceful, until we arrive anyways! Our greatest escape, is to the lake. Here the kids experience life on the water that's so different from the ocean but still brings the best of adventures. From kayaking and wakeboarding, to fishing and gorgeous sunsets while BBQ-ing, the lake never disappoints. I'm quite sure the most asked summertime question in our house is "When are we going to the lake?"

No lakes to be found? Time to think outside the box. I know we've often heard our summers with our little Savages are so few in number, so we want to make them ones to remember.

We can do this right in our own backyards too. Take time to explore where you live! Sometime's the greatest adventures are nearby, hiking a mountain, riding through an alligator filled wetland, or catching the sunrise at the beach. Not only are these adventures fun together, but often we can find many free activities with a little internet search. Another little savage favorite is walking along a river, climbing over the rocks and dipping little toes in the cool flowing water. These are the moments they remember.

Noticing a theme here? The little Savages are definitely called to the water, but often we try to steer down the road less traveled. We live for the "You did what?!" moment, and "Remember when we..."turns into "I can't wait to do that again!" Usually these moments occur after some grumbling about what Mom's making us do now and turns into a sweet half grin afterwards admitting it was a blast.

Parenting will exhaust us, try us and throw curve balls when we least expect it. By exploring, adventuring, and doing things together we rejuvenate not only ourselves but our relationships with our kids. Their requests or activities or time together may lessen as they grow, so cultivating and watering that seed of adventure together will help the adventure continue on.If you find yourself not sure where to start, try taking one of those "maybe later" moments and turning it into "let's do it". Which brings us to our next, must do summer moments.

Has your little one begged to have their own watermelon, sure they can devour it solo? How many times have they requested to build the worlds coolest blanket fort, and then watch movies and eat popcorn inside? Maybe they just want to sit next to you and play with play-dough, or a game of cards. Our must do moments of summer don't always have to be big adventures. Sometimes those most meaningful moment will happen right where you're sitting to read this now. The most important part... is that you are together.

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