Under Construction

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Thank you for taking a moment to take a glance at life while Raising Little Savages. Initially my goal was to have this up and running in January of this year, and as you can see, #momlife took over and here we are. It's November. So I'm right on time.

I appreciate all of the messages, texts and support as we've danced along this year on our adventures. It's always a blast to share our crazy and our joy and connect with other's living in the chaos right alongside us. I'm so excited as I write down these words, that I may ramble, run off on a tangent, get interrupted at least 47 times... But we're getting there. So bear with us as we are "under construction" and I'm pretty confident that we always will be in a way. That's what the little Savages are for after all, to keep us on our toes, to dodge, duck, dip and dive juuuuust when we thought we had it figured out.

Upstairs, where the little Savages are supposed to be taking their showers, instead I hear a stomping dance party to "We Will Rock You", and it's pretty awesome. I can pretty much guarantee no one has used soap, but they're happy and it's Friday, so it's time to grab my wine and go join in the fun. Cheers!

Raising Little Savages


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